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Rhizome LE

Want the amazing groove production power of the Feeltune Rhizome SXE, but you already have a computer? Then you’ll be thrilled to see the brand-new Rhizome LE Groove Production Workstation! Roughly half the price of its big brother, the Rhizome LE uses the power of your Mac or PC to create an incredible groove production station. What’s different? Nothing! The Rhizome LE is the exact same hardware control surface as the Rhizome SXE. It’s got the same four displays, 32 rotary encoders (knobs to you and me), 16 velocity-sensitive pads, VST support, and much more, as its sibling. The Rhizome OS2 software environment is included, with built-in sequencer, sampler, drum machine, synthesizers and effects

By combining the Rhizome LE with your Mac or PC computer, you get unequaled groove creation power, combining the best of hardware and software, with the expandability of a computer. Whether you’re rocking live on stage or laying it down in the studio, there’s nothing like the immediacy and feel of a Rhizome Groove Production Workstation!

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