Feeltune Rhizome LE No Longer Available

Groove Production Workstation with VST Support, 4 Displays, 32 Rotary Encoders, 16 Velocity-sensitive Pads, and Rhizome OS2 Software - Mac/PC
Item ID: RhizomeLE

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Feeltune Rhizome LE image 1
Feeltune Rhizome LE image 1

Sorry, the Feeltune Rhizome LE is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Feeltune Rhizome LE
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The Next Generation of Hands-on Music Creation and Performance

Want the amazing groove production power of the Feeltune Rhizome SXE, but you already have a computer? The brand-new Rhizome LE Groove Production Workstation is roughly half the price of its big brother. It uses the power of your Mac or PC to create an incredible groove production station. The Rhizome LE is the exact same hardware control surface as the Rhizome SXE. It's got the same four displays, 32 rotary encoders, 16 velocity-sensitive pads, VST support, and much more, as its sibling. The Rhizome OS2 software environment is included, with built-in sequencer, sampler, drum machine, synthesizers and effects.

The Rhizome LE gives you access to every feature you need to create music, right from the front panel. You have 32 endless rotary encoders and 16 backlit buttons to control your project, and four large displays give you immediate visual cues as to what each knob and button is controlling. The included Rhizome OS2 software environment makes the Rhizome LE the perfect host for your VST instruments and effects, eliminating the need to change settings with a mouse - just grab a knob and turn it, just as you'd expect from a hardware unit. So with the hands-on immediacy of hardware, the power and expandability of your computer, and worldwide acclaim from top producers and artists, the Feeltune Rhizome LE groove production workstation could be just what you've been searching for.

Feeltune Rhizome LE Groove Production Workstation at a Glance:
  • The best of hardware and software, combined
  • VST compatible
  • Excels on stage and in your studio
The best of hardware and software, combined

So many Sweetwater customers ask us how to get the tactile experience of working with hardware unit when using software. The Rhizome LE has this nailed down pat. A staggering array of encoders, buttons, and switches are always assigned to a parameter, depending on what you're working on at the moment. It's easy to create your own custom control maps, but the beauty is that the Rhizome LE makes you feel like you're loading up patches on a hardware groovebox, even though you're actually working with software.

VST compatible

You can use third-party Windows-compliant VST instruments and effects with the included Rhizome OS2 software environment, creating your own custom set of sounds that you can pull up instantly. And thanks to the Rhizome's sequencer and extensive hands-on controls, you can go from auditioning your new software synth to creating sounds and producing tracks faster than you ever could with a mouse and keyboard. And even if you don't have any VST instruments, you'll love the wide assortment of sounds available in the Rhizome OS2 software environment.

Excels on stage and in your studio

The Rhizome LE was built to travel, and is even the proper size to meet airline carry-on requirements. The multi-angle stand is easy to adjust for optimum placement, and the heavy-duty construction will let you gig with confidence. The hands-on design of the Rhizome LE makes it an instrument you'll love to perform with, and the extensive real-time control you have over your project will open new creative possibilities. And because it's so intuitive and easy to create with, you'll love having the Rhizome LE in your studio too!

Feeltune Rhizome LE Groove Production Workstation Features:
  • Combines the power of your computer with the hands-on functionality of hardware
  • Large color displays make it easy to navigate and edit
  • Innovative layout is efficient for both live and production use
  • Supports Windows-compliant VST software instruments and FX
  • Rhizome OS2 software environment included, with built-in sequencer, sampler, drum machine, synthesizers and effects
  • Mac/PC

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