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Back in the days of analog recording, remix was a producer’s term that simply meant; “Ok, this mix sucks, let’s do it again (or something along those lines).” Seriously, (prior to its present day meaning) a remix is where a producer takes the original multitrack tape of a commercial piece and remixes a new master recording. The original drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, and vocals all recorded on isolated tracks may be kept or replaced with new performances. With the emergence of digital samplers and drum loops (often called “beats”) a form of music became popularized where old classic songs were put to a new rhythm track to make them more “danceable”. This is usually what most people mean today when they use the term remix. The Tempo or BPM (Beats Per Minute) can be set at a faster speed. The vocals are then cut up and stretched or compressed to fit the groove. The bass and other instruments may be rerecorded, though snips of the original tracks may be retained to give it authenticity.

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