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Often in the world of music technology, (and every other field for that matter), certain devices become named for a function that they perform. Those of us who are familiar with such names tend to use them in a cavalier fashion assuming that all are familiar with the term. One such word that has become a fixture in audio circles is the ‘Sampler.’ In the interest of being a complete an unbiased compendium of musical and technological information, speaking to all levels of understanding and leaving out none, we unequivocally define the slang, Sampler: Musically speaking, a sampler is a quilt made of different block patterns, usually as an exercise by the maker in piecing techniques; or, it can an assortment of something such as candy. Joking! A sampler is an electronic device that can record, alter and playback digital audio data to be distributed across a keyboard and played back at various pitches.

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