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Rane Serato Scratch LIVE Review

Scratch LIVE has the features DJs are looking for and the reliability we need.

ScratchLive is a dedicated system for using vinyl records or CDs with special time coded signals that control MP3 and WAV files on your computer as if they were actually on the record or CD. ScratchLive is highly reliable, and with version 1.5 you now have added abilities such as looping, playlists, larger windows for WAV file viewing, and complete iTunes integration.

The question has come up about which system to get between Serato ScratchLive and Stanton Final Scratch. Here is the definitive answer. Both systems are highly reliable, and offer a professional DJ everything they need to mix while saving the back pains. If you plan on using Final Scratch with Traktor 3.0 then Final Scratch is the way to go because of its integration with Traktor. However if you’re looking for a clean interface, that works incredibly well for hip hop and scratch DJs, then you need to look at Serato Scratch as the serious answer. Major DJs such as DJ AM, and Jazzy Jeff are using Serato at some of the most elite venues and performances in the world (including the Grammy awards). There is also a cost savings in going with Serato. All in all it has the features DJs are looking for and the reliability we need.

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