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Articles by Scott Demarko

Rane Serato Scratch LIVE Review

ScratchLive is a dedicated system for using vinyl records or CDs with special time coded signals that control MP3 and WAV files on your computer as if they were actually on the record or CD. ScratchLive is highly... Read more »

Roland Micro Cube Review

The first time I saw this little guy I was sure it was just going to be another tiny amp in a big amp world. Let me be the first to tell you however that this Micro Cube amp by Roland is by far one of the best amps... Read more »

Stanton Final Scratch Review

With the advent of digital technology never has a new technology such as MP3 found so many uses. Final Scratch is another amazing way that digital files such as MP3's, Aiff's, and wav's are being used to remix music... Read more »