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Post Production

The general term for the last stages of film or music production, conducted after all the “raw content” (scenes or recorded songs) has been completed. Post production for film is in fact many different processes grouped under one name. These typically include:

– Editing the picture (according to the wishes of the director).
– Adding visual special effects (mainly computer generated imagery and digital compositing)
– Editing the dialog (including ADR recording)
– Adding audio sound effects (like Foley and custom sound design)
– Composing and recording the soundtrack music
– Mixing the combined audio tracks (dialog, sound effects and music)

For an audio project post production follows the same basic path:

– Editing the songs
– Adding audio effects (such as processing vocals through a reverb)
Mixdown of the tracks
Mastering the finished tracks

Typically, the post production phase takes longer than the actual recording or film shoot, and can take several months to complete.

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