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Patch Chaining on Roland V-Drums

One function in the Roland V-Drums TD-8, TD-10, and TD-20 modules that can make live gigs much easier to navigate is the Chain feature. This allows you to arrange drum kits (both presets and user kits) in the order you need them and then call them up by simply pressing the “+” and “-” buttons. The setup procedure is slightly different on each module but all begin by pressing the “Chain” button; the onscreen menus are easy to follow.

An even cooler feature on the TD-12 and TD-20 is the ability to plug a spare dual-zone pad into an Auxiliary input (TD-12: 11 or 12; TD-20: 14 or 15) and use it to change kits in the chain. Plug in your pad and follow the Setup > Control > Pad Sw instructions. Move to the User block and choose Chain Select 1. Striking the pad’s head will go forward one kit and the rim will go back one. It’s a lot easier to hit a pad than locate a button on a dark stage!

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