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One Large Room or Build a Booth?

Q: I have my studio in a largish room, that’s rectangular shaped. I’ve been thinking about partitioning off a section to use as a vocal booth/guitar amp booth. From an acoustics standpoint, would this be a good idea?

A: Without knowing more about the room, we can only offer generalities:

  • A large room tends to be better acoustically than a small room (assuming the room is well treated).
  • Be careful of making either the room or the booth square; this will excacerbate any low-frequency problems.
  • In contrast to the last point, adding a booth make allow you to optimize the room dimensions for the control room and booth to actually improve the sound of the space(s).
  • A booth is nice from an isolation standpoint. But consider how often you will really use it versus the advantages of the larger space. If it will be used a lot, great! If only rarely, it may not make as much sense.
  • Opinions differ on tracking in an isolated space versus in the control room. Some like the isolation from a pure recording quality standpoint. Others like the “vibe” of everyone in one room.
  • If you do add the booth, consider where it is positioned and its shape to ensure that both it and the control room end up with good acoustics.

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