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Numark AXIS 9 Review

This piece of gear sounds amazing and offers huge bang for the buck!

The Numark Axis 9 is a great piece of gear. It took hardly any time to find my way through the effects and begin remixing my tunes.
The first thing that I noticed about the Axis 9 is that it’s extremely portable. It’s built solid and it’s as easy as unplugging two cables and taking it to your gig. Something else about the Axis 9 that really caught my attention was the ease of use! The effects on the Axis 9 are very easy to cycle through and are also very useful in remixing your tunes. I didn’t need to open the manual at all. Simply click on the effect you would like to use, then use the jog wheel to use the effect. It’s that easy!
The Axis 9 has two separate loop points! This is great for live remixing. The loop points are very easy to enter and exit. Create a loop, click an effect, use the jog wheel, and you’re making some serious remixes!
The Numark Axis 9 is extremely easy and useful for live DJs. This piece of gear sounds amazing and is a huge bang for the buck!

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