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Mesa/Boogie Royal Atlantic

The Royal Atlantic, the latest addition to the Mesa/Boogie TransAtlantic series of amps, is an incredibly powerful amplifier with a decidedly British voice. But it has the flexibility to conjure up a wide range of tones, and there’s enough control to make those tones usable in any situation, from bedroom to concert stage.

I received the combo version of the Royal Atlantic, which is a 100-watt amplifier loaded with two 12″ speakers. The amp is completely tube based, driven by seven 12AX7 preamp tubes and four EL34 power tubes. Two channels and three modes let you dial in clean sounds and vintage low- and high-gain sounds, with independent EQ for each channel and a separate master volume for each mode. The onboard Boogie-standard niceties include tube-driven reverb, a buffered effects loop, and a slave output.

But perhaps most valuable is the Multi-Soak power attenuator that can be applied independently to each mode. This lets you dial the volume back for each mode individually by as much as 16dB, while still letting the power tube section of the amp work as if it were cranked full up. The result is a real benefit in feel and tone; there’s nothing like power tubes heating up in response to a full-on signal, and the Multi-Soak lets you get that tone and feel while managing the volume level.

The Royal Atlantic is an ideal amp for those looking for British flavor with maximum control and flexibility. Give your Sales Engineer a call to learn more!

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