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Marshall Asks, “Are You Experienced?”

In close conjunction with Experience Hendrix, and after many months of painstaking R&D, Marshall Amplification has announced a limited edition, handwired, all-tube Jimi Hendrix Signature 100-watt Stack that celebrates the 40th Anniversary of the world famous association of the late, great guitarist and Marshall amplifiers (Jim Marshall has always referred to Jimi as his company’s “greatest ambassador”). The Hendrix Stack will only be sold as a set consisting of the Super 100JH head, the angled 1982AJH 4×12″ cabinet, and the extra-tall, straight-fronted 1982BJH 4×12″ cabinet. The original versions were built in 1966 and both JH cabs will come loaded with reissue Celestion G12C 25-watt speakers. Aside from a minor modification to the tone network that Jimi often had implemented (which adds a bit more treble and bass), research has revealed that Hendrix’s heads were completely stock, so the Super 100JH will be a meticulous, handwired recreation, complete with the tone circuit mod.

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