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M-Audio Torq Xponent Review

It only took me 15 minutes before I was mixing and creating beats straight out of the box.

When I first sat down with the Xponent, I was stunned at how well the layout mimics the 1s and 2s of a 2-channel mixer and two vinyl decks. Everything you would typically find on a vinyl DJ setup is set out in a single hardware unit, and is arranged in a manner that would make sense to almost anyone who has ever even thought of being a DJ. One of the coolest things I noticed, is that it only took me 15 minutes before I was mixing and creating beats straight out of the box. Compare that to other setups involving multiple pieces of gear that can take upwards of 30 minutes or more to even power up your rig!

Aside from fast setup and portability, the Xponent’s versatility as a MIDI controller especially came in handy. Since it can be recognized as a general MIDI device, I was able to use the Xponent across multiple applications for virtually anything my heart desired. Not only did I use it with the Torq software, but I also used it to: trigger samples and manipulate effects in Ableton Live; as the controller for Native Instruments Traktor DJ Pro; and in Pro Tools as a ReWire slave.

Just when I thought I had mastered both Torq and the Xponent, I uncovered even more extras that sent my creativity into warp speed. Torq gave me the ability to utilize any of its included powerful effects on each channel, or the option to use any of my favorite third party VSTs or effects. Put all that together with a trackpad that functions as the mouse or an X-Y control, and multiple buttons to assign your personal samples, and you’ve turned wherever you’re mixing into the club and you are the star!

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