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M-Audio FastTrack Pro Review

"A lot for a little!"

A fantastic digital audio interface at very small price. I purchased the Fast Track Pro over two years ago, and as other pieces of gear have come and gone, The Fast Track Pro has remained my go-to for basic hassle-free recording and interfacing with Pro-Tools and Logic.
I was initially interested in this device because of the low cost gateway into the world of professional digital audio production. I had been fluent in other computer software, mostly PC based, but I wanted something that would transcend into a professional environment where Macs are often found.
My primary use for the interface was MIDI sequencing and audio recording. For an inexpensive little box the input signal is remarkably clean and provides a good range of gain to analog input. The MIDI operation was very accurate, as well, offering near zero latency.
I have used the device to record keyboard parts and arrange strings, horns and various other virtual instruments as well as record vocals. What I like best about the Fast Track Pro is its simplicity reliability. I would recommend this unit to anyone who is interested in taking a small step towards being serious about their music.

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