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Killer Kick Drum

You want killer kick drum? What if we told you that you could achieve total heavy-ocity with a simple, affordable device that installs onto your bass drum’s front head in a minute? Magic? Not quite — and this isn’t just wishful thinking at work on our hyperactive imaginations. From metal to country to jazz (and beyond), KickPort International’s ground-breaking invention has been praised by pro drummers —  they’re amazed and overjoyed by the bottom end, punch, and definition the KickPort imparts to their kick drums.

Top timekeepers such as Dennis Chambers and Kenny Aronoff have adopted the KickPort as standard equipment in their studio and stage kits, and they can’t imagine going back to playing sessions or gigs without it. Drummers have even reported that the KickPort improves the “feel” of their kick, giving them welcome additional physical feedback. And savvy fans have remarked positively about being on the receiving end of the satisfying punch an unmiked KickPort-ed bass drum throws out into the audience. Juicing your kick with corpulence, projection, and focus isn’t just a good idea; it’s a no-brainer. Extend the reach and authority of your kick drum with the KickPort.

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