KickPort International KickPort - Black

Bass Drum Port
KickPort International KickPort - Black image 1
KickPort International KickPort - Black image 1
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KickPort International KickPort - Black
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Enhance Your Bass Drum Sound

Looking to extend the low end and punch of your kick drum? Then you want the KickPort International KickPort bass drum enhancer. The KickPort is a tuned port that fits right in the hole of your bass drum head with amazing results. You'll increase low-end response, get more punch and better tone from your bass drum with this amazing little port. Detail the sound of your drum by tuning it with the KickPort installed, you will love the tone and punch you get.

KickPort International KickPort Features:
  • A tuned port designed for bass drum
  • Extend your low-end frequencies
  • Add more punch to your sound

Add low end, better tone and big punch with the KickPort International KickPort bass drum enhancer.

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number DSKP2BL

Customer Reviews

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KickPort bass drum port

I am not a drummer, I am a guitarist,,but I do owe a drum kit for my studio and do know what good sound is. The KickPort solved a large problem in recording the kick drum..I was so impressed I purchased the FX system for the entire kit,, with the smaller port on the batter kick head and WOW, was BLOWN AWAY.. the sound on the recording was awesome and live thru the monitors incredible chest slamming very intelligent sound. Installation super easy. The smaller FX kit for snare and toms eliminated the ringing odd tone. You mike the ports off center and the sound is great.. Think of it as a port on bass cabinet, yes adds efficiency. This product is Great!
Music background: Guitarist

BAM! King Kong sized Bass sounds!

I placed this on a 27 year old Pearl 22x18 I refurbished last year and am astounded at the difference in tone. I'm using a Sennheiser e602 II and have never dreamed my recording could sound this clean and powerful! This was the best money I have spent on my set in 27 years of drumming.
Music background: 27+ years as a percussionist, gigs, originals, studio engineer

Massive bottom end

Pearl Session 22" bass drum with Evans batter and Remo reso. Watched installation video on Kickport site and the whole process took only a few minutes. Bam! The Kickport added an additional lower octave that the bass drum did not have previously. Watched the mic video on the Kickport website for tips on mic placement. Used a Telefunken M82 with both EQ's on. Boom! Now I have a demonic kick drum from hell. Not sure I have heard many recordings with this much bottom and power. Can't recommend this thing enough!
Music background: Hobbyist

My KickPort Story

I heard a KickPort at a local drum shop and said "I have to have one". It felt like being kicked by an angry kangaroo and it sounded like nothing I've heard from a kick drum. Like suddenly I have a 24" subwoofer. I get compliments from house engineers too. Many gigs I have not even mic'd my kick and it still felt punchy to dancers or listeners. Thanks for a great product Donn Garrett
Music background: pro live and studio

The Midnight Transit here and we Love Kickports!!! Absolutely The Best Sound For Your Drums!!!

Hey there all you musical people!!! The Midnight Transit here and we love Kickport products. Whether on tour, or recording in the studio we make sure every bass drum, snare and floor/rack tom is loaded with a kickport or fx-port! Definitely helps deliver that deep punch and rockin tone! A Rock Drummer's (or Hip-Hop Drummer's) MUST for that super deep BOOM IN THE BASS!!! Every show we play get a ton of compliments on how awesome the drums sound!!! GET SOME!!!
Music background: Recording Artists, Touring Artists
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