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Kemper Profiling Amp and Speakers

Q: Can the Kemper Profiling Amp plug straight into my 4×12 cabinet when I am onstage?

A: The Kemper Profiling Amp does not have a power amp onboard; you’ll need to route it into a stand-alone power amp or the power amp section of another amp in order to drive speakers with it.

But keep in mind that the Kemper does have XLR and 1/4″ outputs for connecting directly to a mixing console, so you could run it direct into the PA and hear it onstage through the monitors. It does have speaker emulation built-in, so the signal in this situation is tailored to sound as if it is coming out of a speaker cabinet.

If you do decide to run your Profiling Amp into a power amp and guitar speaker cabinet, then be sure to turn off the speaker cabinet emulation in the Kemper.

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