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January Clearance 2017

JoeCo BlackBox Update

The JoeCo BlackBox Recorder and the JoeCo BlackBox Player have been updated to version 2.2.7x. The new version supports the replay of up to 64-channel polyphonic WAV files, as well as the ability to import PolyWAV files from DAWs, and PolyWAV capability for 64-channel MADI and Dante systems. Mono, stereo, and PolyWAV files may by used together in the same song.

A new “Chase” mode can start playback when time code is received. Extended 9-pin control features, more accurate metering, and smoother headphone output when changing levels, and an additional “mix” feature for the headphone output on 64-channel MADI and Dante systems have also been added.

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