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Microphone Month 3

JoeCo BlackBox Update

The JoeCo BlackBox Recorder and the JoeCo BlackBox Player have been updated to version 2.2.7x. The new version supports the replay of up to 64-channel polyphonic WAV files, as well as the ability to import PolyWAV files from DAWs, and PolyWAV capability for 64-channel MADI and Dante systems. Mono, stereo, and PolyWAV files may by used together in the same song.

A new “Chase” mode can start playback when time code is received. Extended 9-pin control features, more accurate metering, and smoother headphone output when changing levels, and an additional “mix” feature for the headphone output on 64-channel MADI and Dante systems have also been added.

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