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IEC Options

Many pieces of studio gear along with many guitar amps, keyboards, and even pedalboard power supplies are now made with removable AC power cords that follow the IEC standard. The nice thing about removable AC cords is that you can replace the cable if it goes bad, and even carry a spare in case of a problem. (Just don’t forget to bring the cable along with you to the gig!)

But one overlooked advantage to removable IEC power cables is that you can get the length you need for your application. Many devices come with a relatively short 4- or 6-foot cable. But IEC cables are available from Sweetwater in lengths up to 25 feet. You’ll never need a separate extension cable again! Or, go for a short cable when wiring up a rack, so you don’t have to deal with excess wire. For ultimate convenience, you can even get IEC cables in snakes along with audio (TRS, TS, or XLR) or speaker interconnects.

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