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Ibanez Joe Satriani Signature JS1200 (Candy Apple Red) Review

This axe "begs" to be played!

From the moment I opened the case for this guitar, I was amazed at the quality that went into the making of this instrument. The case by itself is a testament to the attention to detail that was given to ensuring the guitar is very well protected. The JS 1200CA fits into the case like a “glove”. After taking the guitar out and actually starting to play it, it made an impression on me that this truly is not only a great looking instrument, but it “begs” to be played! It is very evident that Joe Satriani really put a lot of thought into his collaboration with Ibanez in making a guitar that not only awes the eye, but is just downright playable. One has to appreciate the quality of the all around build and performance-especially at this price point. The JS 1200 CA is equipped with DiMarzio humbuckers that satisfied my lust for a high gain sound, yet by rolling off the volume control I found that I could achieve clarity-due to the high pass filter built in. Even at lower volumes, this ax maintained crystal clear precision. I used a Marshall tube combo amp and the results were fabulous! If you’re looking for a guitar that has a “royal lineage” and is versatile(Whammy bar included), this is the one!

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