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A data format that is an extension – actually a near-complete revision – of Sony’s original MiniDisc (MD) system. The format’s most significant change is the introduction of Hi-MD media, which includes a new 1GB disc in the existing MD form-factor and a reformatting of existing MD media that doubles its capacity to 305MB. In addition, several important and long wished-for MiniDisc capabilities have been incorporated into Hi-MD equipment.

Hi-MD AUDIO equipment complies with the Hi-MD AUDIO standard, while maintaining playback compatibility with MiniDiscs recorded using conventional MD devices. Hi-MD equipment can record audio to Hi-MD media in uncompressed PCM (16-bit/44.1kHz) as well as in Sony’s ATRAC3plus encoding at 256kbps (“Hi-SP”) and 64kbps (“Hi-LP”). Hi-MD recorders can also be used directly as USB connected data drives to store images and text files on any PC supporting USB storage devices, with no special drivers needed.

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