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Fender Excelsior Speaker Jack

The new Fender Excelsior tube guitar amp is a certified hit — clearly guitar players are loving the vintage/retro tones this affordable amp delivers. One cool thing is that you can get an even larger array of tones by running the Excelsior through an external speaker cabinet — we’ve tried 4×12 and 2×12 cabs with great results!

But it’s not immediately obvious how an external cabinet hooks up to the Excelsior. Here’s the deal: the amp has a single speaker output jack, located near the output transformer on the top of the lower chassis. In order to connect an external speaker cabinet you have to first disconnect the internal speaker from the speaker jack, then you can plug in the cable from your external cabinet.

For reference, the Excelsior supports an 8-ohm speaker impedance, with a minimum power rating of 15 watts.

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