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Using Event Edit on a Korg Triton to Fit a Sample

Here’s a tip that will help eliminate the time (and tedium) involved in truncating a sample to make it fit into a sequencer track. Typically, users choose the Triton’s amplitude threshold setting to trigger the sampling process, so there won’t be any dead air at the start of the actual sample. However, there is typically more of the sample’s “tail” than is needed. To fix this, go to the main Sequencer page and set the resolution to the nearest quarter note. This “prequantization” will have the effect of snapping the audio to start at the downbeat location. Next, press the Sequencer (Rec/Write) key, and then the Sequencer (Stop/Start) key, and record the key to which the sample is being assigned at the necessary location. Be sure to hold the key down for the full duration you desire, or maybe just a tiny bit longer than necessary.

Next, press the Menu key and then select the Track Edit page. At this point, select Event Edit and filter out everything but notes by removing the checks from the boxes and press OK. Now you can locate the note event that you recorded. The L column shows its length in beats. Go ahead and select this value, then type in the whole number of beats you desire: Press the .10s/Hold key, then 0, then finally press Enter (all this sounds more complicated than it is; when you have the Triton in front of you, it makes a lot more sense). If your sample was meant to play over two full measures in 4/4 time, type 8.0 (two measures x four beats) and press Enter. The sample now plays precisely at the beginning of its measure for as long as you intended. There’s no need to make any further adjustments and no worries about overlapping loops.

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