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Eleven Rack and 003?

Q: Can I run my new Digidesign Eleven Rack and Digi 003 interfaces at the same time in Pro Tools?

A: No, yes, it depends. How’s that for an answer?

The “no” part: If you plug both the Eleven Rack and the 003 (or other M-Powered or LE interface) into your computer at the same time, you will not be able to access both interfaces simultaneously. Pro Tools can only see one interface at a time.

The “yes” part: You can use your Digi 003 (or whatever M-Powered, LE, or HD interface you want) as your Pro Tools interface, route the digital and/or analog inputs/outputs of the Eleven Rack through it, and use the Eleven Rack as a real-time guitar processor for tracking or reamping.

The “it depends” part: The other aspect of this question is that there is control software for the Eleven Rack that can be used to access the parameters of the Rack from within Pro Tools, whether you are using it as an Pro Tools interface or as a guitar processor with another Pro Tools interface. This allows the Eleven Rack to be completely integrated into your system, even if it isn’t being used as the primary Pro Tools interface.

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