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The process of running an already recorded signal back through an amplifier (and possibly speakers) of some sort. With the increased popularity and flexibility of DAW systems this has become a popular technique for guitar. An engineer may record the guitar signal dry, or even directly out of the guitar itself along with or instead of any amplifiers, preamps, or effects, and then later process the raw track(s) through a guitar amp or some other preamp or processor. This is accomplished by routing the raw or dry guitar sound (or any other track, for that matter) out of an output of the DAW and into the amp – then out of the amp, usually by way of miking the speaker, back into another channel of the DAW. Sometimes this is also done with plug-ins inside the DAW itself. This final produced sound may then be recorded to another track or simply treated as a live instrument for mixing. This enables artists and engineers the maximum amount of flexibility for the sound as the piece progresses. Often times the guitar sound doesn’t get finalized until the mixdown. While this technique is most commonly used for guitar it is also done for bass, keyboards, and sometimes even things like vocals or drums for special effects.

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