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DigiTech’s RPx400 User Tips.

Q: “Can I use my new RPx400 with any other software than ProTracks? Also, do you know why I can’t record my microphone without effects?”

A: You can use DigiTech’s RPx400 floor pedal/audio interface/guitar processor with other software as long as they support standard Windows wave drivers (MME or WDM). Macintosh and ASIO drivers are supposed to be available later this year. As far as having trouble with recording your microphone, a “dry” mic can only be recorded on a separate track, not as part of a mix. The RPx400 is normally setup to record your mic as part of a mix with your guitar (with reverb or effects). To record your microphone dry (without your guitar), simply go to the setup level of the matrix and select [MICDRY] in USB1-2 or USB3-4.

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