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Abbreviation for Windows Driver Model, a driver technology developed by Microsoft to create drivers that are source-code compatible for Windows 98, 2000, Me, and XP. WDM works by channeling some of the work of a device driver into portions of the programming code that are integrated into the operating system. These portions of code handle all of the low-level buffer management, including DMA and Plug and Play device enumeration. The WDM device driver is generally more streamlined with less code and works at greater efficiency than most other drivers. All versions of Microsoft Windows after Windows 95 have implemented WDM. Drivers that follow WDM rules are called WDM drivers.

WDM is also the Abbreviation for Wavelength Division Multiplexing. A technology for transmitting multiple signals at the same time over a single optical fiber. The signals travel within color bands, with one color band for each signal.

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