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Articles by Jeff Radke

Inside the Sweetwater Difference

As the holiday season approaches, I'm reminded of paging through the Sears catalog and circling toys I wanted for Christmas. I thought it would be fun to ask my Sales Management team what's on their personal gear... Read more »

Inside the Sweetwater Difference

GearFest 2015 is now in the rearview mirror, and now that I'm out of the tempest (literally and figuratively), I'm able to properly evaluate it and gain a proper perspective. This was without a doubt the biggest and... Read more »

Inside the Sweetwater Difference

As I've noted before, I first was introduced to Sweetwater when I was a regional manager for AKG, and Chuck was running his fledgling company, Sweetwater, out of his house. I admired his goal of adding value and his... Read more »

Inside the Sweetwater Difference

One of the aspects of my job that I enjoy the most is the opportunity to work closely with our manufacturers. In my 17+ years here at Sweetwater, the manufacturer that perhaps I've worked most closely with is Avid... Read more »

Inside the Sweetwater Difference

Okay, I confess. Despite my constant close proximity to gear for the past several decades, I’ve never lost my passion (addiction?) for it. I just can’t help lusting after an innovative piece of processing gear or a... Read more »

Inside the Sweetwater Difference: “The Sweetwater Difference.”

The name of this column includes a key phrase, "The Sweetwater Difference." There are many aspects to this, but its essence is the fact that we work so hard to really understand our customers and their needs and... Read more »

Inside The Sweetwater Difference: The Right Stuff

You may have heard that we are in the process of building a 130,000 square foot addition to our campus. Having been a part of this company for 17 years, it's really exciting to see it again reach the point where we... Read more »

GearFest: From the Inside Looking Out

GearFest 2013 took place June 21 and 22, right here on our campus in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This year's show was once again a tremendous success, thanks to all of our manufacturer partners and friends and customers... Read more »

Inside the Sweetwater Difference: Reflection

Every now and then I can’t help but reflect on life, both personal and professional. The impetus for my current reflection is the passing of our family dog, Tango (in his final appearance in the photo with me), who... Read more »

Inside The Sweetwater Difference: Customer Rob Pottorf

Continuing with the theme from last issue, I’ve reached out to one of our long-time customers to get his perspective on the Sweetwater Difference. Rob Pottorf has been gracious enough to provide his personal... Read more »

Inside the Sweetwater Difference: Customer, Tom Spahn

Over the years, I’ve discussed the importance of relationships many times in this column. I’ve even asked a few manufacturers to give us their take on Sweetwater. In this issue, I’m going to do something I’ve never... Read more »

Inside the Sweetwater Difference – Tech Rep, Jeff Mac

Continuing with the theme of looking in from the outside by getting the perspective of our vendors, I've asked Jeff Mac, one of the principals at Tech Rep, a large independent rep firm, to give us his take on... Read more »

Inside the Sweetwater Difference: Roland’s David Holloway

In this space, I often write about relationships - relationships with our customers, relationships between departments, and relationships with our manufacturers. So I thought it might be helpful to get a... Read more »