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All Roland Drum Inputs Are Not Alike.

Q: “How come I can’t use a stereo cable to attach two mono triggers (like two toms) into one of the dual trigger (stereo) inputs on a Roland TD-8, and make one a tom, and make one a rim (and assign it a tom sound)? In other words, why can’t I hook up two toms to input jacks 4-10?”

A: Inputs 4-10 on the Roland TD-8 are “piezo + switch” (often incorrectly called “stereo“) inputs and you need pads like Roland’s PD-7/9 and CY-6/12H/14C to utilize their dual capability. These Roland pads have a piezo sensor in the center and a switch in the rim. Hit the center (which means the switch is open) and the module plays the “pad” sound. Hit the rim (which closes the switch) and the module plays the “rim” sound. In both cases the piezo in the middle reports the velocity. You can plug two mono pads into the 1/2 or the 11/12 input jacks as you described. Those inputs accept two monos – which is what two toms would be.

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