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’50s/’60s Wiring?

Q: I have heard there are two types of wiring on Les Pauls: ’50s and ’60s. What is the difference? Should I change the wiring in my guitar?

A: The difference between ’50s and ’60s (sometimes called “modern”) Les Paul wiring is where the tone capacitor comes off of the volume potentiometer. With modern wiring, the tone cap comes off the input lug on the volume pot. With ’50s wiring, the tone cap is connected to the output, or center, lug on the volume pot.

Advocates of ’50s-style wiring say that it changes the taper of the volume control, has less treble loss as the volume pot is turned down, and overall sounds brighter.

Whether you should change your guitar or not will depend on how much difference you hear between the two types of wiring, and which you think sounds best – only your ears can decide which is best for you. Fortunately, it is a very easy task to unsolder the tone cap from one volume pot lug and move it to the other. Try it, and see what you think!

WARNING: We aren’t responsible for damages caused by modifications gone wrong…be careful and be sure you know what you’re doing! Think at least twice or three times before modifying a valuable or vintage instrument. If you’re at all unsure, consult a pro!

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