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Taken from the Latin triplus, meaning three, treble originally referred to a high singing voice, such as that of a young girl or boy, in three-part harmony. Now it is more commonly used as an audio term that refers to the high frequency portion of an audio signal often defined as ranging from 1 – 3 kHz, up to about 20 kHz.

In music notation, the term “Treble clef” is assigned to a staff which primarily displays notes above Middle C. Treble clef is sometimes referred to as the “G” clef; in sheet music the clef sign is an elaborate version of a “G.” And if this symbol is drawn correctly, its swirling curve crosses the line that represents the G above Middle C four times.

On electric guitars, keyboard instruments and amplifiers, one of two (or three) tone controls for adjusting the balance of frequencies in the output signal.

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