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What is a fast method of splitting up a file that contains multiple samples in Logic?

Insert the audio file as a region in the Arrange window
Open the file in the Sample Editor (double-click the region) and select “Strip Silence”. Adjust parameters to taste (I turn presample time to 000ms). Watch the screen to see HOW it will be chopped up and change parameters until it looks okay.
Hit the Do It button and answer “Replace” to the question. This will take the single audio file in the Arrange window and replace it with a number of regions based on how you set up the Strip Silence dialog.
In the Arrange window (or Sample Editor) check each of the regions to make sure nothing was cut off from the beginnings or endings (i.e. so that the samples will be exactly how you want them to be)
Select all of those final samples and from the Arrange window’s Audio menu, pick “Convert Regions to Individual Audio Files”.
Choose where on your HD (s) you want this operation done and you have instant sample libraries.

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