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What is the difference between Dynamic and condenser microphones?

Dynamic microphones:

Dynamic microphones operate very similar to a passive speakers, only in reverse. Instead of an electrical signal moving a speaker’s diaphragm to produce sound; sound is moving a diaphragm to produce an electrical signal. Inside the microphone’s capsule is a magnetic field that surrounds a small, movable induction coil attached to a diaphragm. When sound waves vibrate the diaphragm, it moves the coil which, in turn, creates a voltage induced by the magnetic field. That voltage is then increased by a transformer and sent to the microphone’s output jack.

Condenser microphones:

Condenser microphones operate on the principle of variable capacitance. Let’s define capacitance as “the ability to store energy in an electric field between two conducting bodies”. The diaphragm of a condenser mic acts as one of the conducting bodies and when a sound wave vibrates it, the distance between the “two conductive bodies” begins to change. These tiny changes in distance vary the capacitance and, eventually, the output voltage of the microphone.

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