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What are the BIOS changes for my Creation Station CS450?

The following is a list of BIOS settings that are changed during the build process to optimize the system for audio. To enter the BIOS, repeatedly tap the “Delete” key as the Creation Station powers up. You should see “Entering Setup…” on the screen just before entering the BIOS. When in the BIOS, you will use the arrow keys on the keyboard to navigate, and the ENTER key to make selections. Only the settings that are changed are listed, so if there is question whether other settings may have changed navigate to the “Exit” tab, select “Load Setup Defaults” and press ENTER.

-Set date and time
-Storage Configuration:
Configure Sata As = AHCI

-CPU Configuration:
C1E Support = Disabled
Intel Virtualization Tech = Disabled
Intel Speedstep Tech = Disabled

-Hardware Monitor:
CPU Q-Fan Control = Enabled

-Boot Device Priority
1st Boot Device = ATAPI CD-ROM, or DVDRW
3rd Boot Device = Disabled
-Boot Settings Configuration
Full Screen Logo = Disabled

Press F10 on the keyboard to save the changes and exit the BIOS.

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