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What are the BIOS changes for my Creation Station CS200v2.1

Start with default BIOS settings.
Use “Classic View” with this guide

Active Processor Cores:          All
Intel Hyper Threading Tech:    On
System Date:                Current Date
System Time:                Current Time

Configuration/Onboard Devices/USB
USB Legacy:                Enabled

Configuration/Onboard Devices
Serial Port:                    Disabled
Paralell Port:                Disabled
Enhanced Consumer IR:        Disabled
Front Panel Audio:            Disabled

Configuration/SATA Drives
Chipset SATA:                Enabled
Chipset SATA Mode:            AHCI
eSATA Port:                    Enabled
SATA Port 0-4 Hot Plug:        Enabled
eSATA Port Hot Plug:        Enabled

Integrated Graphics Device:    Enable if Primary
IGD DVMT Memory:        512 MB

Leave all at default settings

Leave all at default settings

Intel Dynamic Power Tech.    Off

Boot Drive Order:            SATA : Port X : HL-DT-ST DVDRAM…     (DVDRW Drive)
SATA : Port 0 : ST500…                    (System Drive)
LAN : IBA GE Slot…                        (Ethernet Port)

Boot to Optical Devices:        Enabled
Boot to Removable Devices:    Enabled
Boot to Network:            Enabled
USB Boot:                    Enabled
Boot USB Devices First:        Disabled
UEFI Boot:                    Disabled
Legacy Boot:                Enabled
Secure Boot:                    Leave all at default settings
BIOS Setup Auto Entry:        Disabled
Startup Sound:                Disabled
General Optimization:        Disabled
USB Optimization:            Disabled
Video Optimization:            Disabled

Boot/Display Options
Display F2 to Enter Setup:        Enabled
Display F7 to Update BIOS:        Disabled
Display F10 to Enter Boot Menu:    Enabled
Display F12 for Network Boot:    Enabled

Save BIOS Profile

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