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Should I use a USB or Ethernet cable to connect my modem to my Creation Station computer?

Though both methods are suitable for transferring data via the internet to your computer, we recommend that you use a Ethernet connection whenever possible.

Since using a USB connection requires a driver, it is possible that loading a driver for this could conflict with your pro audio applications such as Pro Tools or Cubase. Also, it has been our experience that USB modems do not perform consistently and may be more problematic.

Using a Ethernet connection will be more stable since no driver is needed and it is already has a direct connection to the motherboard.

If you are experiencing problems connecting your Creation Station to the Internet you should contact your internet service provider first. Sweetwater support techs can make sure that the Creation Station is ready for connecting to the internet but only your Internet Service Provider can give you the information which is needed to actually connect to the internet.

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