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My Creation Station does not boot into Windows. What do I do?

First: Don’t panic. There is very likely an easy solution to the problem. Next, clarify whether it is not *posting* versus not *booting.* “Post” refers to the pre-Windows, DOS-like environment, where the motherboard’s BIOS (built-in operating systems) initializes and scans for hardware. “Booting” refers to the operating system on your hard drive loading after the post sequence.

If your Creation Station will not post:

* Make sure the power is on. You can verify by checking inside for a green light on the motherboard. If you see a green light, it is powered.
* Try unpluggintg ALL USB and Firewire peripherals. A bad device can cause a computer to hang in post.
* If you are comfortable with it, you can try checking the RAM in the system. Loose or defective RAM is the principle cause for lack of posting. Start by removing all sticks of RAM, and reinserting them one by one. RAM is keyed to only fit in one direction, so make very sure it is lined up properly before reinserting.
* A bad drive can also cause a system to fail in post. Try removing the power and SATA cables from all hard drive, and powering on again.

NOTE: The power should be disconnected before making ANY changes to devices inside a computer. Do NOT plug in or unplug ANYTHING when the power is on to your Creation Station.

Remember, once you see the Acronis F-11 prompt, or the Windows splash screen, or if your system hangs at a blinking cursor, your system has successfully posted.

If your Creation Station will not boot:

* Make sure there is no disk in the DVD drive. The Creation Station line is set to boot to the DVD drive first (for diagnostic purposes), so it may be trying to load from a CD or DVD.
* Try booting into Safe Mode. You can do by repeatedly pressing the F-5 key during post, and selecting Safe Mode on the screen when prompted.
* Occasionally, cables inside the system can become loose, especially if it’s moved. Open the case, and with the power off, make sure all cables are connected inside the Creation Station. The hard drives each have two cables: pon ered SATA cable, and one multi-colored power cable. Make sure both are connected to the drive, and connected to the motherboard and power supply on the other end.

If none of these suggestions solve the problem, then please call our Tech Support staff for assistance.

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