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What are the BIOS changes for the CSRackXT with the Intel Core i7 processor?

The following is a list of BIOS settings that are changed during the build process to optimize the Creation Station systems for audio. Only the settings that are changed are listed, so if there is question whether other settings may have changed navigate to the “Exit” tab, select “Load Setup Defaults” and press “Enter.”

To enter the BIOS, press the Delete key repeatedly as soon as the Creation Station is powered on. Navigate using the arrow keys of the keyboard, and select items using the “Enter” key.

Main page

Set Date and Time
Legacy Diskette A: –> Disabled

Ai Tweaker page
Intel SpeedStep Technology –> Disabled

Advanced Page
On-Board Devices Configuration –> Marvell SAS –> Disabled
On-Board Devices Configuration –> Marvell Boot ROM –> Disabled

Power Page
Hardware Monitor –> Q-Fan Control –> Enabled

Boot Page
Boot Device Priority:
* 1st Boot Device –> Optical Drive (actual name may vary)
* 2nd Boot Device –> System Drive (actual name may vary)
* 3rd Boot Device –> Disabled
Boot Settings Configuration –> Full Screen Logo –> Disabled.

Tools Page
Express Gate –> Disabled

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