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Updating Ground Control Pro to work with ElevenRack with Sweetwater’s Artist Presets (v20).

To update the Ground Control Pro for use with an Eleven Rack with v20 Sweetwater Artist Presets, follow these steps:

  1. Connect the MIDI OUT of the Eleven Rack to the MIDI IN of the Ground Control Pro.
  2. Put the Ground Control Pro in “RECEIVE MEM” mode by pressing both [SETUP] buttons at the same time, then press [MIDI]. Press [SELECT ↓] three times until the display says “RECEIVE MEM”
  3. Now send the MIDI sysex file to the the Ground Control Pro. For your convenience, we’ve created Pro Tools session files  with this sysex information already loaded.  Just download one of the following session files and open them in Pro Tools:  Pro Tools 10-11 users click here.  Pro Tools 7 through 9 users, click here. (If you’re on a Mac and the links aren’t working for you, try right clicking on them and selecting “Save linked file to Downloads.” You can then find it in your downloads folder.)
  4. Once the session is loaded, press PLAY. The sysex file takes 15 to 20 second to play from Pro Tools.
  5. After the MIDI SYSEX file has played through, the update is complete.  The MIDI cable can be switched from the Ground Control Pro MIDI OUT to the Eleven Rack MIDI IN.  The Ground Control Pro buttons will mimic the front panel buttons of the Eleven Rack:

Row 1 –     DIST  –  MOD – DELAY –   REV
Row 2 –     FX LOOP – FX1   –   FX2   – TEMPO

When the update has been successfully completed, the lights will flash in sequence (1, 2, 3, 4, etc). If the Ground Control Pro lights flash erratically after attempting to update then the update has failed.  This does not harm the Ground Control Pro and the update can be attempted again. (TIP – if the first attempt doesn’t work, sometimes it helps to slow the session tempo down. e.g. from 120 bpm to 80 bpm).

You can also download the Sysex MIDI (not loaded in a Pro Tools session)  file by clicking here.

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