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Is there a way to delete the temporary files on my Creation Station PC? Is it safe to do?

Yes you can delete the temporary files and the temporary internet files on your creation station pc without causing any severe damage or problems.

Windows creates temporary files and is supposed to delete them when it is finished using them however we all know that some of them seem to still hang around. Here are a few ways to delete the different temp files in Windows XP.

-Note- If you try to delete a file and Windows returns an error message that it can not delete the file because it is in use, simply leave it in the temp folder.

1.Delete the temp files in the following folders:
a. C: > Windows > Temp
b. C: Windows > Documents and Settings > Your Username >Local Settings > Temp (You may also have some temp files in the Administrators users account)

2. Delete the Internet Explorer Temp files:
a. Open Internet Explorer and choose Tools >Internet Options >General tab. In the Temporary Internet Files area click the Delete Files Button.

3. Empty the trash and you should be finished.

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