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Sometimes it takes several attempts at booting for my Creation Station PC to boot up.

The next set of instructions involves changing the BIOS. BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL WHEN ACCESSING THE BIOS! DEVIATING FROM THE PRINTED INSTRUCTIONS IN ANY WAY CAN CAUSE SERIOUS HARM TO YOUR COMPUTER! Please be very careful, and follow the instructions EXACTLY as printed below.

It’s possible the boot device priority was reset in the BIOS.

To check this:
1. Restart the PC and repeatedly tap the Delete key to enter the BIOS.
A message will display “Entering BIOS Setup Utility.”
2. use the Right Arrow key to scroll over to the BOOT option.
3. Use the Down Arrow key to highlight “Boot Device Priority.”
4. Select “Boot Device Priority” by hitting Enter.
5. Make sure the 1st Boot Device is set as “PM-Lite On DVDRW.”
6. Select the 2nd Boot device as the “3M-ST808…” as this is the 80 Gig Hard Drive, or C:\ Drive. 7. It Does not matter if a 3rd device is selected.
8. Press F10 and choose Save Changes and exit.
9. the PC should boot normally now into Windows.

If the problems persist, please contact Sweetwater Technical Support at 800 222 4700 xt 6400.

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