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How to set up the DMXR100 to control the MIdi Timepiece AV via MMC, and use the MTPAV as time code master (for the DMXR, and other slave machines)

The following setup was tested with a Mac computer, an MTPAV, and ADATs slaving to the MTPAV. Setup with a MOTU Digital Timepiece (DTP) would be similar. The same setup could be performed on a PC, using Express MTP console in place of Clockworks.

Connections : Connect a pair of MIDI cables between the DMXR100 and the MTPAV. Connect SMPTE OUT of the MTPAV to the SMPTE IN on the DMXR100.
Make the necessary connections to your computer (USB, serial, etc.), as well as other sync peripherals, like ADATs, etc.)

FreeMIDI : In the FreeMIDI configuration, make sure that the MTPAV is present. From the configuration menu, choose Create Device. There is no default device for the DMXR100, so simply type in the name “DMXR100”
Set all Transmit and Receive channels to ON. Add the properties: “Midi Machine”, “Does not play notes”, “Mixer”. Specify the MTPAV port the DMXR100 is connected to, and click OK.
Save FreeMIDI and QUIT.

Clockworks : In the Sync/MMC, make sure the MTPAV is set to INTERNAL, and specify the frame rate. Set the Machine ID to 1 (one).
In the Device Settings and Routing window, click and drag your mouse to draw a “parser” from the DMXR100 port on the left side, to the MMC IN port on the right side.

DMXR100: Press the Machine Control soft key. Press the assignment button below Machine #1, and in the pop-up choose MIDI – 1.
Press the SYSTEM soft key, and choose SYNC/TIME CODE. On this page, set the Time Code Reader’s SOURCE to “Time Code In”. Set the Time Code Generator’s MODE to “Slave Clock IN.”

Use the transport control on the DMXR100 to play and stop. The indicators that this setup is working are:
– MTPAV “Tach” light is blinking.
– MTPAV’s Sync page on the front panel is showing seconds “ticking away”
– Clockworks’ Sync/MMC window is showing time code rolling.
– The Time Code display at the top right corner of the DMXR100’s display window is rolling (in time with the MTPAV and Clockworks.)

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