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How do I replace “real” (audio) drums with MIDI-triggered samples in Logic?

Open the audio file of a single drum in the Sample Editor (double click on the region).
Select the Factory > Audio to Score menu item.
Adjust the Velocity threshold to help get rid of false triggers from bleed.
Process the file.

The MIDI sequence that’s generated is now opened in a Score window.

In that window, select the Functions > Transform > Transpose menu item.
In the ‘Operations on selected events’ pop up, select “Fix”. This makes all of the MIDI notes one note value.

This procedure works well, but would necessarily require a discrete track for each drum mic. Doing the same thing on a Tom Mix, or overheads would not work well.

While it does preserve the velocity of the drum to a certain degree, you may need to velocity-scale or velocity-compress the output though to get the sound you want.

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