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Number keys in Sibelius

From Sibelius:

If you are using a laptop (notebook) computer that doesn’t have a built-in numeric keypad, or if you are left-handed and find changing note value on the numeric keypad with your right hand difficult, you may wish to invest in an external numeric keypad for your computer.

Because Sibelius’s Keypad specifically responds to the number keys on the numeric keypad (and not the number keys along the top of the main keyboard), not all external numeric keypads will operate correctly in Sibelius.

For example, the popular Kensington USB numeric keypad won’t work with Sibelius, because it mimics the keys along the top of the main keyboard rather than the numeric keypad itself.

Although we do not officially endorse any of the following products, Sibelius users have reported that these external numeric keypads work correctly for them:

There are a few things to be aware of when checking compatibility before you buy an external keypad:

  • Enter on the keypad can be Return instead of Enter i.e. in Sibelius, Enteron the keypad should insert a Tie. Return will insert a System Break, Respell Accidental or Edit Text. Make sure the Enter key on the keypad you buy does Enter and not Return.
  • On Mac, doing Command+. for example won’t work. The modifier key i.e. Command doesn’t get used so it only sends the decimal point .

If you find your external keypad has these limitations, you can work round them by creating custom keyboard shortcuts in Sibelius. See Menus and Shortcutsin the Sibelius Reference.

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