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How to initialize the O2R and clear user memory Yamaha O2R : Factory Reset / Initialize / Clear user memory

Note: If you just want to reset the current mix settings, recall Scene Memory 0.
See “Initial Data and UNDO Memory” on page 129 of the User’s Guide.

1. Turn off the 02R.
2. Press and hold the left CURSOR button.
3. Turn the 02R back on. A confirmation dialog box appears.
4. Select the EXECUTE icon with the CURSOR buttons and press the [ENTER] button.
The 02R initializes itself. When it has completed the initialization operation, the SCENE 1/1 page appears.

– Clears all user RAM settings: all scene memories (except Scene
Memory 0), automix programs, and user library programs from the
channel, dynamics, effect, and EQ libraries.
– Initializes the Edit Buffer. See “What is the Edit Buffer?” on page 129
of the User’s Guide.
– Initializes the Program Change table (list of scene memories to MIDI
Program Change numbers). See “Program Change Assign” on page
160 of the User’s Guide.
– Copies Scene Memory 0 to the Edit Buffer.
– Initializes the input and output ports.
– Calibrates the faders.

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