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Hyperdraw latency : I’m using LAWP 4.1.1 and SBLive MME drivers which have a latency of 297 ms. Logic accommodates this latency when playing back audio so that it is in sync with the midi. The problem is that Hyperdraw messages don’t appear to get sent 297 ms early to compensate. They appear to get sent at the exact time as if there was no latency in the audio. I attempted to alter the delay to -297 to compensate but this brought the audio backward as well.

Workaround #1: Don’t do your automation on top of the audio regions. Instead, do them in independent “MIDI-only” regions that will affect the audio (i.e. the “Object Base Automation” A-Playback Track). Then negative delay these “MIDI” regions.

Workaround #2: Don’t set a global negative delay for this particular audio driver, but rather for each audio region. Then, the automation and the automation data will be put back in time (negative delayed) by the same amount.

There is another aspect of latency that you cannot compensate for: SLEW. This is where the automation data can’t be read fast enough by the specific audio hardware. In other words, fast *changes* will smooth over and won’t be recognized exactly. Not all hardware is created equal, so automation latency/slew are different always.

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