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How do I load multiple instruments in East West’s PLAY?

After loading your first instrument (click here for more info) you can add more instruments using a similar process:

  1. Within the favorites window, select the library folder you want followed by the instrument you want.
  2. After selecting your instrument, you’ll be prompted with a few options. If you only have one instrument already loaded, you’ll see Add (adds another instrument to what is already loaded), Replace (replaces currently loaded instrument), and Cancel. If you have more than one instrument already loaded, you’ll see an additional option: Replace All (replaces all currently loaded instruments).
  3. That’s it!

Please note:

By default, each instrument’s MIDI channel in PLAY is set to OMNI. This means that all instruments will respond to ALL MIDI channels. If you want each instrument to have its own unique MIDI channel, open PLAY’s settings and select the “Other.” Once there, look for the MIDI Channel Assignment where you can assign MIDI channels using the Automatic Increment option. You can load as many instruments as you want in PLAY (considering your computer’s limits), but you will only have 16 unique MIDI channels

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