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Using the ElevenRack with other ProTools LE hardware (003, MBox2, etc) together on a Mac

Pro Tools LE allows for only one hardware interface to be used for audio input/output at a time. So when using the ElevenRack with another Pro Tools LE interface (like a 003 or MBox2), you must configure the ElevenRack to send digital (or analog) into the audio inputs of the other interface. The ElevenRack control software will appear on your Mac screen, but its USB cable will not send audio directly to ProTools.

There are several steps required to make this combination work properly. Follow ALL of these steps carefully, as they are all necessary.

This example uses a 003, but configuring the Eleven Rack with MBox, MBox2, or Digi002 will be very similar.

1. You must be running Pro Tools LE 8.01. This update can be found here:

2. The ElevenRack firmware must be updated to version 1.0.1. This can be found here:

3. The ElevenRack update for Pro Tools 8.0.1 must be installed. This update can be found here:

4. After the updates are installed and the computer has restarted, be sure to have both the ElevenRack and your 003 Then launch ProTools LE 8.0.1, creating or opening a sessoin.

5. From the SETUP menu, choose “Playback Engine.” The top of this window will show you a “Current Engine” choice. If the ElevenRack is selected, click that button to choose your 003. Click OK.

6. From the SETUP menu, click HARDWARE. There, make sure the 003 “optical format” is ADAT (this makes RCA SPDIF available).

7. From the SETUP menu, choose “IO” to view the IO setup. Click the INPUTS tab at the top, then click the DEFAULT button at the bottom-right. Click the OUTPUTS tab, then click the DEFAULT button again. Click OK.

8. Now visit the ElevenRack window (if it is not visible, go to the Windows menu in Pro Tools and click “ElevenRack” at the bottom of the list).
Click the “User Options” button. In the “Outputs” section, set “Digital” is set to “Mirror Analog.”

9. Using a S/PDIF cable (RCA cable rated for S/PDIF digital), connect the ElevenRack S/PDIF output to the 003 S/PDIF input.

10. Return to SETUP menu > Hardware in Pro Tools and set the Clock Source to S/PDIF. (NOTE, you should verify that ElevenRack and 003 sample rates are the same to avoid conflict).

11. To record an instrument through the ElevenRack to ProTools, create an audio track in Pro Tools, and set the input of the track to S/PDIF (L, R, or L/R).
(Alternately, you could use an Aux track instead of an audio track)

* NOTE * if you have updated to ProTools 8.0.3, you’ll also need the ElevenRack update for ProTools 8.0.3, which can be found here:

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