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Why is my computer not reading or allowing me to burn my new CDR/CDRW’s?

Most major brands of CD and DVD Media should work fine in just about any CD/DVD drive, including our Sweetwater Creation Stations.

It is not uncommon for the first few and last few disks on a spindle to be bad or damaged since they are more exposed while on the spindle or packaging. Check the underside of the disk for scratches or dust.

If a blank CDR/RW is not showing up try loading a store bought disk (e.g. your favorite music CD) to make sure that the drive is loading and reading correctly.

You can also try using a CD disk cleaner to clean the laser lens. Do not try cleaning the lens with anything other than a recommended cleaner or disk. Using household items, blowing, or using compressed air may scratch the laser lens and make things worse.

If the drive continues to not read disks correctly contact the manufacturer of the computer or seek advice from a computer repair center. Creation Station owners should call Sweetwater tech support.

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