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My CD Rom DVD ROm Optical Drive is not working right, or will not open.

Occasionally, the cable connecting the Optical (CD/DVD Drive)
in computers come loose (usually after moving the machine or shipping it)
If your Creation Station computer is doing this please call Sweetwater Technical Support (800 222 4700 ext 6400)

If you are unable to call (after hours, Sunday, etc), you could try correcting this yourself:
1. Carefully unplug your computer from the wall.
2. Open the case
– CSRack: Top slides off toward the back after 3 screws
(1 in back 1 on each side)
– CSTower: Slide the left side off using lever on rear of machine.
3. Locate the back of the CD/DVD Drive, make sure connections are tight on both the Power connector (White)
And the wider (ribbon connector)
Also check the “other” end of the ribbon connector where it plugs into mother board.
4. Close case.

If this doesnt work, please call during business hours 800 222 4700 ext 6400 or sumbit a support request at www.sweetwater.com/sweetcare/

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